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Since the 1989, Manopark have operated as a leading provider for Telstra business phone systems in Australia. Today, we feature state-of-the-art systems with the capacity for NBN connection. This functionality both allows for faster speeds and faster communication (internal and external).

Thanks to our long-standing partnership with Telstra, all systems sold come with an instant connection to their nationwide NBN network. This significantly speeds up the process of installation as you will not have to go out and find an internet provider yourself.

As our phone systems operate through wireless internet, the higher speeds of the National Broadband Network only increase efficiency further. This superior function also reduces end-to-end echo, improves audio quality and creates a consistent connection.

Contact Manopark today and acquire your very own NBN phone system in Sydney. Our staff will happily answer any questions or product queries you may have.

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High-Quality NBN Phone Systems for Sydney Businesses

Whether your business set-up is outdated or non-existent, Manopark can provide a brand-new NBN phone system across Sydney. Our various bundles stretch from two handsets to six, each coming with an unlimited internet plan every month.

Following a site inspection, we conduct a tailored office deployment to ensure the proper connection. In addition, this process also guarantees that you receive all the benefits an NBN phone system.

Telstra’s NBN network provides your business with a lightning speed internet connection. Once upgraded, you’ll wonder why you never invested in a new phone system before.

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