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As working from home becomes ubiquitous in a post-COVID world, it is even more essential that you protect your data from hacking and phishing. If you can’t afford data security, then you can’t afford to be in business.

Check Point Security Software

SandBlast Agent – Endpoint Protection

Sandblast Agent from Check Point Software Technologies is the advanced endpoint protection and threat prevention solution for your organisation. Safeguard your valuable data with SandBlast so you can focus on what you do best.

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Laptop & Computer Protection

Mature endpoint capabilities to protect against known and unknown cyberattacks using Ckeck Point software.

  • Industry Best Practices to combat targeted and evasive attacks
  • High catch rates and low false positives ensure efficient security and effective prevention
  • Automated forensics data analysis offers detailed insights into threats
  • Full attack containment and remediation quickly restore any infected systems

SandBlast Mobile – Mobile Security

The world has gone mobile and so have hackers. Mobile attacks have more than doubled in 2019. SandBlast Mobile, the market-leading mobile threat defence solution, will keep your organisation and your sensitive data safe.

  • You’ll never hear from SandBlast Mobile unless there is a security event
  • If an event triggers an alert, both users and administrators instantly get all details
  • The on-device app performs without draining battery life or data consumption
  • No personal data is ever collected or analysed
SandBlast Mobile – Mobile Security

You can’t afford to skimp on digital security. Get in touch, let us take care of it, so you can rest easy.

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