The True Cost of a Network Failure

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In 2022, an unexpected failure of your network can be likened to a deep sea diver whose oxygen tank has broken 20m underwater: There are only a few outcomes, and none of them are particularly desirable. Essentially, it is the lifeblood of any company, whether you’re in the tech industry or the sale of hand crafted pottery.

Sure, you say, losing the internet would be really difficult.

Have you thought this through? There are so many reasons why a disruption to your network is catastrophic. And there is a solution to all of these problems. It comes in the form of business network solutions from Manopark. We can make sure the following problems don’t come knocking on the door of your business.

  1. The cure is more expensive

If you don’t have a plan B already sorted, you have no cards left to play when it comes to negotiating. You might find that any solution comes at a premium because you are asking your internet provider to work to your immediate time frame, not theirs. This exorbitant cost is made even worse when you consider that you’re still paying for the network that is currently not functioning. Business network solutions from Manopark are affordable and reliable which means that you won’t get lumped with these expensive and haphazard back up plans

  1. Your employees feel the pinch

One of the worst days in any business are those where the systems fail and your employees are not able to do their jobs. This kind of frustration can make your people feel like your company is a two bit operation. 83% of employees surveyed by Savills identified quality of technology as the second most desirable aspect of a workplace. You don’t want them looking at rival companies, where the grass is green and the internet, greener.

  1. Your customers will look elsewhere

The more immediate cost will be in your customers. Consider how you would feel if you were interacting with a business, and their network repeatedly crashed, making payments difficult and communication almost impossible. The odds are, you would go looking somewhere else. The 101 of business success is that you need to remove obstacles that stand in the way of a purchase. Goodness only knows that there are enough of these beyond your control without inventing them for yourself.

  1. Your digital security systems don’t work

Here is the first thing your employees will do when your internet fails: They will hotspot from their phones. It’s fairly ingenuous because it acts as a crutch to keep going through their day. But the problem is that the security of your network is null and void. If we might use the analogy of a well defended castle, allowing your employees to use their phone hotspot is the equivalent of letting your soldiers cut their exits through the fortress walls. Your network needs to be fully functional, otherwise your security is null and void. 

Like we said, each of these outcomes are pretty undesirable. Chat to us about business network solutions. Like in so many things in life, prevention is better than the cause.