Saving Time > Saving the World?

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A good internet service is one of those things in life that, once you’ve had one, you don’t know (nor can you ever imagine) how you’ve lived your life without one. For the purpose of business, it is the oxygen that will keep your business afloat and propel its growth in the future. In an age that is growing increasingly digital, you simply cannot run a business without a sturdy, if not indelibly reliable internet connection. 

In the name of bespoke business internet services, we partner with Telstra to ensure the data plan we come up with is of premium usability to your business, as well as fail-proof. One way we achieve this is through the use of Telstra’s Smart Modem’s 4G backup technology, which will give you continuity of service even if your fixed internet connection goes down. As heavily reliant internet users, it is not a huge stretch of the imagination to acknowledge the grievous consequences to your business when valuable time is wasted with an unstable internet connection.  

We’re not saying that we’re saving the world, but if we’re saving you a commodity as valuable as time….?

Ok fine. We’re not saving the world. 

But if it’s not the world we are saving with a lightning-fast internet connection, there are some scenarios that we would like to take full credit for saving you from. 

Like how about your face freezing in an especially unflattering frame during a Zoom call, because of an unstable internet connection?

Or an unproductive afternoon spent on the phone listening to elevator music waiting to reach someone who can kick-start your flakey internet connection back into gear (only to be asked: did you try turning it off and on again)? 

Then there’s the international call you have scheduled for a very specific hour that compliments the time difference, to only be able to catch indecipherable snippets of due to, you guessed it: a poor connection.

So what we are very comfortable to profess to saving you from, as our valued customer, is every stress that you have ever undergone related to a lagging internet connection, a poor customer service experience with your network provider and consequences to your business because of an unreliable connection. 

The additional perks of our business internet services, by which I mean dedicated fibre solutions, to keep you one step ahead of your competitors, service to 99% of Australia (so you’re never caught out) and full-service consultation and support to make it easier to switch your plan to Manopark are just icing on the cake, at this point. 

We only feel as though we have done our job if it has not occurred to you to consider, even off-handedly, why there is a disruption in digital communication and an inability to operate your business affairs online. We want you to be so confident in our business internet services that your mental and emotional capacity can be spent purely on the work at hand. Keep your time and we will keep your trust.