Is Your Phone System Holding You Hostage?

This is not a conventional hostage situation.

Don’t picture someone tied up in an underground bunker surrounded by kidnappers.. Nobody is about to receive a ransom note made from letters cut out of a newspaper. Nobody is managing a LET THEM GO Facebook page or setting up a Kickstarter page to raise funds for the family.

No, this isn’t like a hostage situation you would see scrolling through the news – but it is a hostage situation nonetheless.

Second-rate technology with second-best results

This hostage situation involves companies across Australia and their telephone systems. 

Many businesses are stuck with second-rate technology and are getting second-best results. 

With an old copper system your business is vulnerable to security breaches, service outages, and cost blow outs. More than that, if you’re not using a service that fully integrates with scalable cloud solutions – like iPECS phone systems – then you won’t be able to harness new technology to collaborate, communicate, and coordinate for years to come.

Perhaps the hostage language sounds extreme, but the reality is that it can feel like there’s no escape from your present phone system, and that trading old copper cable technology for a new iPECS phone system is as challenging as wriggling out of a straitjacket.

The freedom of full functionality

At Manopark, we’ve helped countless Australian businesses leave the captivity of second-best and enter into the freedom of full functionality.

We recommend the iPECS phone systems from one of Australia’s most trusted cloud and communications solution providers.

Here’re three things we’ve learned along the way.

  1.       iPECS systems do what you want you phones to do, but better. This is simple, but it is worth mentioning. Anything that you expect from a wired KSU or PBX system or an older VoIP set-up, the iPECS system can do without breaking a sweat: manage incoming and outbound calls with ease, collaborate seamlessly between offices, and ensure clarity of communication and connection.


  1.       iPECS phone systems do what older systems can’t. It’s just that simple. Because iPECS offer end-to-end cloud solutions, their phone systems are not just future-proof, they’re future-optimistic. An iPECS phone system means that whether your employees are at home or on the road, they can communicate as effectively as they were in the office.

More than this, because modern telephone solutions are cloud-based, they can be integrated into a family of online services that ensures that every aspect of your business sings from the same song sheet.

  1.       An iPECS system is surprisingly affordable in the short term, and will deliver you value-for-money in the long term. After years of experience in the business solutions industry, we know that the best-value solution is not the cheapest one today, but the one that saves you the most in operation costs in the long run.

Nonetheless, customers are often surprised by the affordability of setting up an iPECS system. Because of the cloud-hosting capabilities, there is less need for in-house rewiring and installation service. Better still, because the system grows with you, adding an additional office, employee, or location won’t burn a hole in your back pocket.

Don’t stay in captivity

Many businesses feel like they are in captivity. They have committed to a particular system and particular way of doing things with their phone system … but the results are not particularly impressive. Now is the time to make a change.

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