You’re Gonna Need a Bigger Phone System…

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Speilberg’s 1975 classic Jaws birthed the iconic line ‘You’re gonna need a bigger boat.’ It became etched into the folklore of cinema, partly because it was an ad-libbed in joke, but partly because it taps into something so familiar to the audience: the sinking feeling we get when we know our equipment is woefully undergunned for the gargantuan task ahead of us. Granted, not many of us are hunting Great White Sharks in our nine to five, but we all know the feeling in some capacity. In so many instances, we see how many businesses are relying on antiquated telecommunication systems, and we feel a bit Jawsy: You’re gonna need a bigger phone system. Namely, PABX systems.


What are PABX systems?

It stands for private automated branch exchange, and they have been the backbone for medium to larger businesses for decades. Essentially it allows your customers to call one centralised number for your business. The ‘automated’ part of the acronym means that you don’t need a person to physically redirect calls. It gives you the capacity to let the caller direct themselves. “For accounts, press 1, for sales, press 2…” You know the drill.

Consider what happens if you don’t have one. You would need to either have one phone line which everyone shares (if this isn’t taking you back to the 20th century domestic life, nothing will), or you would need to install a different phone line for every handset in the building.

There are many other added perks to having a private automated branch exchange. It allows your employees to dial in with each other using only short extensions rather than full phone numbers. And best of all, the PABX system simply routes the call through its own servers, so you aren’t paying for those internal calls. This has a marked impact on the trajectory of your business. If your employees are able to interact quickly and seamlessly, collaboration increases, productivity swells and your company is on the up. If we introduce hurdles to good communication (even those that seem small), we end up siloing our staff and reducing their productivity.


PABX systems are also easily scalable. Your business in its current iteration might only require 10 internal connections, but (fingers crossed) you might be needing 40 by 2023. It is also relieving to know that you are not locking yourself into a gigantic system should you need to scale back at some point. It takes just a few minutes to set up additional connections, so your systems suit your needs, and not the other way around.

Finally, it sends a subtle message to your customers. It says that you are a serious business with good infrastructure, as good as anything they will come across. Consumer confidence grows when the business markets itself as a market leader. There is a psychological phenomenon that takes place whereby they will transfer that professionalism and competence in one domain into your market domain. The little things matter after all…

Don’t let your systems stunt your growth. PABX systems unleash your business’ potential. Give us a call today.