Why Email Never Killed the Telephone Star

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In 1979, new wave synth pop band The Buggles released the now iconic track Video Killed The Radiostar. It is a lament on the way that new technologies have replaced – metaphorically killed – those older mediums which used to shape our lives. 

It does beg the question: If The Buggles were to release an updated version for 2022, what would it say? What older technologies have been superseded by newer innovations? The obvious answer is that something digital would replace something analogue – perhaps Alexa killed the light switch, or Google killed the yellow pages. One thing which might surprise us is that some older technologies seem to withstand the winds of change because they just seem to be that darned good. Case in point: Why has email not killed the telephone? The stats seem that telstra landline packages are now more crucial than they have ever been.

There are many reasons why the telephone remains an integral part of any functioning business.

  • Immediacy

You know this frustration. The clock is ticking, a deadline is looming and you needed to know something five minutes ago. You decide to fire off a quick email. Think of all the points in that system where time is lost:

  • Drafting up an email that accurately captures your rush without sounding rude
  • Waiting for them to check their email
  • Waiting for them to draft up a response which answers your question
  • They’ve misunderstood you, and the process repeats

Meanwhile, your deadline has closed, and you’ve lost out. Contrast that with a phone call. You know the difference. That immediacy can be the difference between losing a client, or winning an important deal.

  • Clarity

Only 7% of human meaning is communicated through the words we use. Consider the range of possibilities of an email which simply reads ‘Great’: Sarcastic? Happy? Frustrated? Content? Contrast that with tone of voice. Experts estimate that up to 40% of meaning is communicated through tone and intonation. The telephone offers communication which is almost six times richer than its email counterpart. Misunderstanding is where mistakes creep into your business. Give yourselves a fighting chance to be clear and understood with Telstra landline packages.

  • Usability

These days, business telephone systems are a swiss army knife. They do practically everything: conference calls, call transfer, redirection, speed dialing, custom presets… The sophistication of modern telecommunications means that your business is equipped to communicate as though you were face to face in the same room. 

Don’t get us wrong. Businesses in 2022 are supported by many pillars, not on the back of the telephone alone. What we are saying is that it would be naive to presume that you don’t need an efficient telephone system anymore. It is erroneous thinking that simply because the telephone is old, it must now be obsolete. On the contrary, it is the bedrock of a business which the newer technologies rest upon to make a highly effective company. Our Telstra landline packages will set up your business to succeed in the digital age.

Email didn’t kill the telephone. They work hand in hand.

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