Welcome to the Future…

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It’s a brave new world, this 2022.

It looks different in almost every way from what we might have anticipated just a few years ago. Our lexicon has irrevocably shifted; social distancing, viral epidemiology, vaccination certificates. Our lifestyle changed; we became accustomed to meeting outside in small groups, we got to know our UberEats delivery drivers better, we finished Netflix.

Perhaps most crucially, our work patterns have shifted. Gone are the days when workers would stream into the CBD at seven, eight, nine o’clock, a forlorn silence on an overcrowded bus. It has been replaced with something quite beautiful: The WFH day. As the world opens up, and we begin to adjust to this new world, it is likely that working from home remains a big part of our professional lives. Good mobile data plans Sydney will become worth their weight in gold.

  1. So long to the long commute.

According to research completed by RMIT, the average Sydneysider spent 71 minutes per day in transit to and from work. Over the course of a year? 285 hours (presuming we don’t count the rainy days, truck breakdowns, or accidents). Melbourne; 65 minutes per day, or 26 hours a year. Contrast this with the 12 seconds it takes to meander to your home office, presuming you’re shuffling in your ugg boots –  and let’s be honest, most of us are. With good mobile data plans Sydney, you may as well be sitting in the office.

  1. We work better at home.

It’s counterintuitive, but studies have suggested that when working in our own space to our own rhythms, we get more done. A study from Stanford University looked at a travel agency and found that those working from the comfort of their own ugg boots were as much as 13% more productive than those in the suit and tie at the office.

  1. We are happier.

But you didn’t need us to tell you that. A study from 2005 found that job satisfaction increased with each additional hour spent working from home. Curiously, that began to plateau out after 15 hours. That doesn’t mean they got less satisfied; it is probably just that there is a ceiling for how excited anyone can be about their work.

  1. We are healthier.

Let’s start with the obvious: With the hour you win back during the day, you free up time to exercise and get outdoors, soaking in some beneficial vitamin D. But looking a little bit deeper, we are healthier in the sense that we take far fewer sick days. After all, we aren’t in close quarters with people on a bus or a cafe, and we get more sleep.

2022 is indeed a brave new world. Through the darkness of COVID, possibilities are beginning to emerge which spell a better life for the average worker. Of course, you will need to get in touch to make sure you are equipped with the best mobile data plans Sydney.

Once you have that sorted, the sky’s the limit. Get in touch today.