Nobody puts Telephone in the corner…

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The annals of history are littered with technologies which are no longer fit for purpose: The blu-ray player, the telegraph, and – our personal favourite – the mini disc player (we hardly knew ye).  One would be forgiven for thinking that the telephone might have had its century in the sun, and was soon destined to take its place in the museum of antiquated tech. Except for one small factor. The telephone did what none of these other technologies thought to do. It evolved.  

Introducing the Session Initiation Protocol – more commonly a business SIP. Essentially, it is telephone services provided by your high speed wireless internet connection. We liken this to a good drop of WD-40 in a bike chain. It just makes everything work better, and your business can focus on doing what it does best, rather than agonising over inefficient systems. Here are just a few reasons why a business SIP rocks.


  1. They make your business hum

When your people are in communication with each other, things get done. Mistakes are avoided, and potholes are filled. A business SIP optimises communication within your team to make sure that even though they might not be in the same place physically, they are in the same place mentally. 

  1. Usability

This can function just like a regular telephone. It has its own stand alone telephone number, and for those in your company who might be more technologically challenged, this isn’t going to be an overwhelming addition. Having said that, there are exciting possibilities. The signal is sent online, rather than through a telecommunications network. It is a digital file, and is so much more versatile as a result. Just how much you want to plumb these depths is entirely up to you. But don’t worry, we will be there to help you go as far as you want to go!

  1. Cost effective

Because the phone call is sent digitally rather than through traditional networks, your costs drop dramatically. The telephone system requires expensive maintenance which is always passed on to the consumer. When you bypass these systems, and go entirely online, the overheads are so much lower. 

  1. Clarity

Our state of the art headsets provide the best possible signal on the market today. It sounds as though the person is sitting right next to you. This means you can catch all the intonations and inflections which might subtly colour meaning. Gone are the days when you strain to hear the other person, perhaps missing key bits of detail, or ruining the flow of an important conversation by asking them to repeat themselves.

  1. Capacity for scale

Unlike the traditional phone systems, you can scale this system according to your needs. It just takes the click of a finger. New numbers can be created from nothing because you are using the unlimited potential of the internet, and the finite resource of a telephone wire. If your business ramps up and you need 10 new phone numbers, a business SIP has you sorted.


You ignore the telephone at your own peril. It remains one of the most vital systems for any successful business. 

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