How to Avoid ‘TOO LATE’

The most excruciating errors are always those that were the easiest to avoid. Just ask the 2016 corporate conglomerate of Panama-based law firm, Mossack Fonseca. Known today as the biggest data leak in history, the consequences of the 11.5 million files being leaked from its database were explosive. Although the whistleblower (read: system hacker and data leaker) appears to have loosely likened himself to a modern day Robin Hood, the incident became a catalyst for closer examination and installation of cyber security and firewalls. Why wasn’t Check Point Sandblast Agent installed?! The law firm probably lamented, pointing accusatory fingers at each other. Avoid office brauls by eliminating the sickening feeling (and consequences) associated with that awful, retrospective realisation of ‘too late’.

Twice-jailed Julian Assange has also become a global sensation for leaking tens of millions of highly confidential and globally sensitive documents since the conception of his organisation, WikiLeaks. This includes (but is not limited to), emails from the US Democratic National Committee that revealed preference for Hillary Clinton over her political rival, Bernie Sanders in the primaries. These self-professed do-gooders may be just that, but the data was stolen, and the right kind of software could have been the difference between classified information remaining so, and not. 

So what can be done? Are we at the mercy of phishers and hackers? Of course not. Introducing Check Point Security. It is our business to help you protect the data that is most classified to you and yours. Before the formidable ‘too late’, we implore you to invest in our Check Point software so that the data that warrants protection is granted it. Do you need further convincing? Here are three reasons as to why Check Point software is a rock solid investment for your classified data and device:

  1. Don’t pull a ‘Panama’. Although this was just the country the papers were leaked from, the association between the place and the incident lives on. We do not presume to understand the sensitivity of the information you wish to protect, but we also believe this is outside of the point. However sensitive the data, whatever quantity of it you wish to protect, we make it our business to safeguard the classified elements of yours. 
  2. Keep Assange out of your affairs. One of the more notable characteristics of this ongoing exposé is the oft-irresponsible subject matter of the information leaked. Keep personal, medical and financial information under proverbial lock and key with our high-tech Check Point software. So that those who know your business are strictly the ones with whom you share it.
  3. Whilst we are busy blocking cyber hackers from stealing your information, our unparalleled firewall software also manages to keep viruses at bay. Imagine that; your information remains protected, and your device uncompromised, with a simple software installation.

With an eyes-wide-open awareness of the skillset of cyber-hackers, we have created a selection of Check Point software to give you exactly the kind of firewall your information needs to effectively protect it. There is no such thing as too early here, only too late. Sandblast agent offers you endpoint protection and threat prevention for laptop, computer and mobile phone, so that even working remotely is an option that doesn’t jeopardise your cyber security on any device. 

It’s too easy to avoid ‘too late’. Click here to find the right Check Point Security for you. 

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