Future-proof your communications with a Business SIP

The call that started it all

Sometimes, the missing ingredient is luck.

That was the case of Alexander Graham Bell, inventor of the modern telephone. Bell was an innovator by nature (he created a wheat-sifting machine in his father’s shed before he turned thirteen) but the breakthrough that would change the world started with a small mistake.

How? A workshop, some accidentally spilled acid, and his assistant responding to the now famous words: ‘Watson, come here! I need you.’

Those words were transmitted via a primitive phone line for the very first time.

That was 1876.

The phone call today – stay connected or miss out

For nearly 150 years, Bell’s technology – voice, copper wire, electricity – has been used ever since. It was technology dynamite: the communication equivalent of discovering penicillin, or landing an astronaut on the moon.

Bell’s phone had the same explosive impact as the printing press. Suddenly, people and information that had once been a world away were a phone call away.

Just as this transformed people’s lives, so too did it transform the way businesses work. If you’re considering a business SIP – the best in communication technology available – then you already know this. Your ability to operate rises and falls on the quality of your calls.

After all, 69% of phone calls from a legitimate business are answered by existing and future customers.

Let that number sink in.

That makes the humble phone call one of the most effective ways to create and build relationships with new and existing customers.

You’ve heard the old adage, ‘You miss all the shots you don’t take.’ For your business, a slight change to the statement has just as much wisdom: ‘You miss all the calls you don’t take.’

Even millennials would much rather connect on the phone than use social media, email, or text messaging. For all the talk of how Snapchat, Youtube, and Facebook are changing the world, the phone call still does all the heavy lifting.

But there are problems with the humble telephone. The technology is about to turn 150, and it’s starting to show its age. Before you hear about the power of a business SIP, consider some of the issues of a copper wire-based telephone system:

  •   Cost. Copper wire is expensive to lay, expensive to maintain, and expensive to replace. As time goes on, the costs creep up.


  •   Unreliability. If your system goes down, you’ll be unreachable. That might only happen 0.5% of the time. The bad news is, that 0.5% when you don’t have connectivity is going to be the moment you need it most. Murphy’s Law.


  •   Inflexibility. Your business will grow. Copper can’t. Copper call technology is from the same era as Charles Dickens. It can only do so much to help you in the future.

Tomorrow Calls

Earlier, we said that the phone had the same earth-shattering impact as the printing press. The only recent invention that comes close is the internet.

What happens when you combine the digital technology of the internet era with the communicative power of the telephone to help your business grow?

You end up with a business SIP.

A business SIP moves all your communication needs onto an online portal. The ‘space’ where the magic happens is no longer along copper cables, but online.

What does that mean in practice? For starters, a business SIP is just like a copper landline system, with all of the limitations removed. It’s like taking a phone that has lived in a cage its whole life and releasing it into the jungle.

You keep all the things you love about landline, with none of the hassle. Say goodbye to system outages caused by copper wire failure, degradation, and maintenance. Say goodbye to costly installation and the time consuming and money-burning process of changing your system when you need to scale.

More than that, a Business SIP lets you make the most of cutting-edge internet technology. You can now conference call, securely message, and manage your incoming and outgoing calls online.

You can integrate your online systems, profile, and apps with your communications. Need to integrate payment options into your system? Need to set up automatic voice forwarding so your business can always be reached when you need it most? Embrace the power of a Business SIP.

Frequently asked questions

  •       Do I need a business SIP? If you have a current phone system that uses copper technology, you will likely benefit from the flexibility and features of a business SIP. We help our customers leverage our technology to implement industry-best practices that enhance your internal communication and reach new customers.


  •       How much does a Business SIP cost? You’ll be surprised by the affordability of our powerful Business SIP solutions. Get in touch with Manopark so that we can discuss your business needs and tailor a solution suited for you.


  •       What makes Manopark Business Solutions different? We are a boutique business solutions firm with over thirty years of experience and a track record of delivering exceptional, bespoke systems. Because we have built strong partnerships with Australian telecommunication companies, you get the best of both worlds: the expertise and attention to detail of a small firm, along with the expansive options offered by a larger company.


  •   Do I need an NBN connection for a business SIP? We’ll help you by designing and implementing a system that is tailored to your needs and existing infrastructure.

For Alexander Graham Bell, luck was the missing ingredient. As a business owner, you can’t rely on good fortune to guarantee a good future. Instead, help us to help you make the most of a business SIP. Tomorrow calls – answer wisely.


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