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You need your people to talk to each other. With our business telephone systems, a conversation with a colleague is at your fingertips whether they be in another office or another country.

Maximise collaboration and keep your business running smoothly with one of our state-of-the-art systems. Whether you need a simple, ultra-reliable system or are looking for a full suite of executive options, we can help.

Business Phone Systems Sydney

Let us design the perfect system for your business. We partner with Telstra, including Telstra business phone systems, Telstra landline packages, PABX systems, Telstra business sip services, all to ensure that the country’s best telecommunication network becomes your telecommunication network.

We provide:

  • State-of-the-art technology through the iPECS 1000i Series IP Handset Range from Ericsson-LG
  • Intuitive yet powerful VoIP systems that facilitate reliable transfers, incoming calls, internal communication, and a range of programmable functions
  • Crystal clear quality, superior HD voice and full duplex speakerphone capabilities
  • Zero touch provisioning for both on-premise and cloud environments to streamline your IT processes  
  • Colour screens, user-friendly interfaces, and EHS headset compatibility
  • Exceptional performance with an open VPN for air-tight security so you can safeguard your data and systems without compromising on reliability
  • Echo cancelling technology and hearing aid compatibility to cater to the diverse needs of your employees
  • Gigabit interface functionality to make the most of your internet speed
  • Programmable buttons to shape your telephony experience to the structure of your organisation.

In other words, we offer premium telephone solutions to help businesses leverage technology to maximise their efficiency, build trust, and communicate with crystal-clear clarity.

Ericsson-LG telephone systems are the most popular ones, and we can even customize these to suit the needs of your business. We have an experienced team that considers your business cash flow before determining the best system to suit your needs. We don’t want to burden you with what is not necessary, and we ensure you only pay for what you require.

We have three payment bundles that you can choose from; small, medium, and large for business phone systems in Australia. You can trust our tele network systems to make you stay in touch all the time and that too, with ease and comfort


⦁ 192 x 36 graphic LCD with backlighting
⦁ 24 flexible buttons with dual LED
⦁ Full duplex speaker phone
⦁ Support button kit (12/24/48 DSS)
⦁ Support EHSA (Electronic Hook Switch Adapter

Small Bundle – $249.00 per month – includes one unlimited landline, unlimited internet and 2 handsets

Medium Bundle – $399.00 per month – includes two unlimited landlines, unlimited internet and 4 handsets

Large Bundle – $499.00 per month – includes two unlimited landlines, 2 business lines, unlimited internet and 6 handsets

The above prices are based on finance lease of a term of five (5) years

  • Prices are based on current pricing with NBN bundle
  • Prices are subject to site inspection
  • Prices do not include cabling if required
IPECS 1000i

Just released the super stylish slimline iPECS 1000i Series IP Handset Range from Ericsson-LG now available

The iPECS 1000i Series will be replacing the current range of iPECS LIP 9000 Series IP handsets.

The 1000i range of IP phones provides a comprehensive line-up of 5 models from the entry-level 1010i to the executive level 1050i. The 5 phone range provides a selection of stylish phones for any office deployment. These have been designed to best fit the users’ business requirements.

Key features include:

IPECS 1000i
  • A simple, sleek and modern design good for both desktop or wall mounting deployment. Phones include built in wall bracket and 2 position desk stand
  • User friendly intuitive interfaces, the iPECS 1030i, 1040i and 1050i all come with colour screens
  • Superior HD voice and full duplex speakerphone
  • Zero touch provisioning for both on-premise and cloud environments
  • Exceptional performance with an open VPN for uncompromised security
  • Echo cancelling and hearing aid compatible, and a comprehensive range of accessories
  • Gigabit interface functionality (except 1010i)
  • All handsets come with self-labelling buttons
  • Electronic Hook Switch (EHS) adaptor (version 4) is available on all phones except the iPECS 1010i entry level. This allows users to answer and hang up calls from EHS compatible headsets. Note: Version 4 EHS is expected to be available late August 2020
  • All handsets except the iPECS 1010i support the 1024iDSS, 24 Button DSS module, making it easy to add more flexible programmable buttons
  • A 24 Button LSS will be available towards the end of 2020
  • A 48 Button DSS will be available in Q2 2021. The 9000 series 48 button DSS is still available (compatible with 1000i series) in the interim – talk to us for more details
Looking for a business phone system Sydney, we’ve got you covered.

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