Hold The Line – Telstra Business Phone Systems

In 2022, it is very easy to miss the forest for the trees. We are in the recovery from a pandemic (fingers crossed) and people everywhere are thinking about remote work stations, setting up cameras with the perfect lighting so they don’t look like they just rolled out of bed (they did), or organising their […]

Communicate or Crash: Four Simple Steps to Improve Your Internal Communication

A business stands and falls on its communication. Of course, that’s true for the way that you communicate with your clients. But it also is true for your internal communications. Whether you’re an established, medium-sized business equipped with the latest Ericsson LG iPecs technology, or a two-person creative partnership in the early stages of a […]

Welcome to the Future…

It’s a brave new world, this 2022. It looks different in almost every way from what we might have anticipated just a few years ago. Our lexicon has irrevocably shifted; social distancing, viral epidemiology, vaccination certificates. Our lifestyle changed; we became accustomed to meeting outside in small groups, we got to know our UberEats delivery […]

Know Thy Enemy: Four Cybercrime Threats to Your Business

Imagine a business during the pandemic. Not a single employee contracts COVID. Profits are up. Productivity is up. Workplace satisfaction is up. Despite all of this, this business is more at risk than ever before. Why? Because the number of cyber security threats have exploded during the pandemic, making check point software technologies more important […]

How to Avoid ‘TOO LATE’

The most excruciating errors are always those that were the easiest to avoid. Just ask the 2016 corporate conglomerate of Panama-based law firm, Mossack Fonseca. Known today as the biggest data leak in history, the consequences of the 11.5 million files being leaked from its database were explosive. Although the whistleblower (read: system hacker and […]

Is Your Phone System Holding You Hostage?

This is not a conventional hostage situation. Don’t picture someone tied up in an underground bunker surrounded by kidnappers.. Nobody is about to receive a ransom note made from letters cut out of a newspaper. Nobody is managing a LET THEM GO Facebook page or setting up a Kickstarter page to raise funds for the […]

Why You Don’t Need to Future Proof Your Business

(and what you should do instead) Bitcoin. Blockchain. Netflix. The cloud. The world is evolving, and it’s not just because of the pandemic. Increasingly, the internet is seeping into every aspect of life and society, and the implications for business are enormous. Could people thirty years ago have imagined the world of today? Probably not. […]

The Day a Phone System Saved the World.

The year is 1962. Krushchev. Kennedy. It is the climax of the Cold War. The Soviet Union has smuggled missiles into Cuba which are well within range of any American city. The US Navy has declared a naval blockade around the island to prevent more nuclear missiles from arriving on America’s doorstep. The Cold War […]

Future-proof your communications with a Business SIP

The call that started it all Sometimes, the missing ingredient is luck. That was the case of Alexander Graham Bell, inventor of the modern telephone. Bell was an innovator by nature (he created a wheat-sifting machine in his father’s shed before he turned thirteen) but the breakthrough that would change the world started with a […]