Technology Tailored to You

Starting a business around something that you are well versed in does not mean that the operation of business-running comes just as fluently to you. When time is money, it is important to spend yours working to your strengths, and having a clear plan to outsource the things that aren’t. What we don’t want to […]

Saving Time > Saving the World?

A good internet service is one of those things in life that, once you’ve had one, you don’t know (nor can you ever imagine) how you’ve lived your life without one. For the purpose of business, it is the oxygen that will keep your business afloat and propel its growth in the future. In an […]

You’re Gonna Need a Bigger Phone System…

Speilberg’s 1975 classic Jaws birthed the iconic line ‘You’re gonna need a bigger boat.’ It became etched into the folklore of cinema, partly because it was an ad-libbed in joke, but partly because it taps into something so familiar to the audience: the sinking feeling we get when we know our equipment is woefully undergunned […]

Nobody puts Telephone in the corner…

The annals of history are littered with technologies which are no longer fit for purpose: The blu-ray player, the telegraph, and – our personal favourite – the mini disc player (we hardly knew ye).  One would be forgiven for thinking that the telephone might have had its century in the sun, and was soon destined […]

The True Cost of a Network Failure

In 2022, an unexpected failure of your network can be likened to a deep sea diver whose oxygen tank has broken 20m underwater: There are only a few outcomes, and none of them are particularly desirable. Essentially, it is the lifeblood of any company, whether you’re in the tech industry or the sale of hand […]

A Need for Speed

These days, telling business owners that they need to be connected to the internet would be like telling scuba divers that oxygen tanks would help their dives. It is so apparent that it almost sounds foolish to say it aloud. However, we are noticing a trend. Many people believe that ‘having the internet’ is like […]

Why Email Never Killed the Telephone Star

In 1979, new wave synth pop band The Buggles released the now iconic track Video Killed The Radiostar. It is a lament on the way that new technologies have replaced – metaphorically killed – those older mediums which used to shape our lives.  It does beg the question: If The Buggles were to release an […]

Hold The Line – Telstra Business Phone Systems

In 2022, it is very easy to miss the forest for the trees. We are in the recovery from a pandemic (fingers crossed) and people everywhere are thinking about remote work stations, setting up cameras with the perfect lighting so they don’t look like they just rolled out of bed (they did), or organising their […]

Communicate or Crash: Four Simple Steps to Improve Your Internal Communication

A business stands and falls on its communication. Of course, that’s true for the way that you communicate with your clients. But it also is true for your internal communications. Whether you’re an established, medium-sized business equipped with the latest Ericsson LG iPecs technology, or a two-person creative partnership in the early stages of a […]