A Need for Speed

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These days, telling business owners that they need to be connected to the internet would be like telling scuba divers that oxygen tanks would help their dives. It is so apparent that it almost sounds foolish to say it aloud. However, we are noticing a trend. Many people believe that ‘having the internet’ is like a tick box, and as long as you technically have a connection, you are in the clear.

Sadly, this couldn’t be further from the truth. The quality of your business internet services is everything. Is it high speed? Is it consistent? Let’s apply the same logic to our scuba diving friends. Imagine they were to embark on a dive with a thimble full of oxygen, while bombastically protesting ‘Well, I have some oxygen…’ You get the picture. Let’s unpack the intricacies of a good internet speed and connection.

The way we measure internet speed is by how much data is being downloaded or uploaded every second. That is where we get the unit bps – bits per second. But since we are often talking about thousands of bits, we need to get into the metric system to make this clear.

K = 1000 and so kbps = 1000bps

M = 1000k and so mbps = 1,000,000bps

G = 1000m and so gbps = 1,000,000,000bps

There are two kinds of speeds we need to understand.

  • Download speeds.

    This is most important for homes where you are looking to stream HD content, download music or use social media. These are all activities where you are pulling things down from the internet and onto your computer. Typically, we usually talk in terms of mbps when thinking about internet  download speeds. For a business internet service which might have multiple devices all using the internet at once, you want to be aiming for the 100+mbps range, even pushing into the gbps.

  • Upload speeds.

    This is where you are pushing content from your computer back onto the internet. Video conferencing, uploading to the cloud, publishing videos. Typically this is more necessary for businesses. Upload speeds of 10mbps would be considered quick because they can handle the necessary tasks used in everyday business activities. Skype usually asks for 1.2mbps or higher if you are interested in HD video calls. If you are looking to upload a large file, it should take less than 10 minutes with a 10mbps connection. Depending on the needs of your business, you might need to increase that even further

Not sure how fast your business internet services are? You can always take a speed test. Google internet speed test and it will tell you both your upload and download speeds. You might want to consider changing if:

  1. Your speeds are slower than that recommended above, or
  2. You are interested in getting a better price for your connection.

Get in touch today if you think your internet might be a weak spot in your business. With one of our internet packages, you might find that your business can reach new levels of productivity.